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Oshawa Utilities


Natural Gas Providers

Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc.

Rate 6-Commercial and Industrial Customers

To any Applicant needing to use the Company's natural gas distribution network to have transported a supply of natural gas to a single terminal location (Terminal Location) for non-residential purposes.

Charges Rate: 01-Apr-18 (effective date)
Total Gas Supply Charge 9.4665
Delivery, First: 500 10.35 /m3
Next 1,050 8.2392 /m3
Next 4,500 6.7611 /m3
Next 7,000 5.8114 /m3
Next 15,250 5.3894 /m3
All over 28,300 5.2834 /m3
Delivery Price Adjustment (all volumes) 0.0000
Monthly Charge 70
Additional Items Cap and Trade (included in Delivery to You on the bill) 3.3518 /m

Electricity Providers

Oshawa PUC Networks Inc. Oshawa

Effective Date 2017-01-01
General Service Less Than 50 kW
This classification refers to a non-residential account taking electricity at 750 volts or less whose monthly peak demand is less than or expected to be less than 50 kW. Further servicing details are available in the distributors Conditions of Service.
Monthly Service Charge 16.24
Distribution Volumetric Rate 0.0161 $/kWh
Additional Distribution Charge Rate Rider for Disposition of Global Adjustment Sub-Account (2015) - effective until December 31, 2019 (Applicable only for Non-RPP Customers):$/kWh 0.0013;
Rate Rider for Disposition of Deferral/Variance Accounts (2015) - effective until December 31, 2019: $/kWh 0.0006;
Rate Rider for Disposition of Group 2 Deferral/Variance Accounts (2015) - effective until December 31, 2019: $/kWh 0.0001;
Regulatory Asset Recovery Time of Use: On Peak $0.132/kWh; Mid Peak $0.095/kWh; Off Peak $0.065/kWh
Smart Meter Rate Rider Rate for Smart Meter Entity (monhthly): $ 0.79
Retail Transmission Rate - Network Service Rate 0.0069 $/kWh
Retail Transmission Rate - Line and Transformation Connection Service Rate 0.0057 $/kWh
Wholesale Market Service Rate 0.0032 $/kWh
Standard Supply Service - Administrative Charge (if applicable) 0.25
Additional Regulation and Other Charge (if applicable) Capacity Based Recovery (CBR) Applicable for Class B Customers: $/kWh 0.0004;
Rural or Remote Electricity Rate Protection Charge (RRRP): $/kWh 0.0021;

Water Providers

Availability 134,000 cu.m. Name of Provider Durham Region water system
Rated Capacity (cu.m.) Major Source Lake Ontario
Average Daily Demand (cu.m.) 55,825 Plant (if more than one) Oshawa Drinking Water System
Peak Demand (cu.m.) 89,049    
Effective Date January 1, 2012    
Flat Water Rate $31.41    
Cost per cu.m. of Water 0-45:$0.794; 45-4500: $0.675; 4500+: $0.620    
Other Water Fees    
Water Connection Fee 19 mm dia.:(Apr 1 - Nov 30: $2,973; Dec 1 - Mar 31: $3,895); 25 mm dia.: (Apr 1 - Nov 30: $3,075; Dec 1 - Mar 31:$4100)    

Sewer Providers

Average daily demand (cu.m.) 38,312 Name of Sewage Provider Durham region sewer system
Peak demand (cu.m.) 52,009 Type of Service
Effective Date January 1, 2012    
Flat Rate Charge $34.69/unit    
Flat Rate As A % of Total Water Rate 0-45: 163.9%; 45-4500: 169.6%; 4500+: 155.2%    
Cost per cu.m. of Water 0-45:$1.302; 45-4500: $1.146; 4500+: $0.963    
Sewer Connection Fee 100 or 125 mm (4 or 5) diameter: (Apr 1 - Nov 30:$3,383; Dec 1 - Mar 31:$4,408)    
Other Sewer Fees    

Landfill Sites

Oshawa Waste Management Facility Transfer Station
Name of Agency The Regional Municipality of Durham 1640 Ritson Rd. N.
Plans for New Capacity yes  
Details: Currently, household waste collected is transferred off site. The Region of Durham is currently constructing an Energy From Waste facility tohandle future haousehold waste. The Region does not handl
Working Hours: Tuesday to Saturday

8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Closed Sundays, Mondays and Holidays

Please note: Every Thursday between May and October the Region?s waste facilities in Oshawa and Port Perry will open from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m.
Tipping Fees: Minimum basic charge: $5 per vehicle per load

Garbage, blue box, yard waste and all mixed loads:

$120 per 1,000 kg.

(For every 8.34 kg (18.38 lbs) or fraction thereof, there will be a $1 charge.)

100 per cent household hazardous waste loads only: No charge.

100 per cent waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) loads only: No charge.

100 per cent used tire loads only: No charge.

100 per cent white agricultural bale wrap loads only: No charge.